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February 17, 2013
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New Teen Titans - My Designs 2 by SmithOfGear92 New Teen Titans - My Designs 2 by SmithOfGear92
Teen Titans DC Comics

PLEASE READ THIS: If you need information about my idea of NEW TEEN TITANS, please see my picture called "New Teen Titans" for details. It will probably clear a lot of things up. Here's a link even! [link] PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION.

With the case of my Titan Idea, I'd like us all to recognize the Titans for the badasses they are! They may not be literal badasses (usually symbolized with shades, facial hair and tobacco. Example: :iconbadassplz:) but they're badasses in their own special way! :D

Materials: Mechanical Pencils, Fixative, Prismacolor and Copic Markers and Colored Pencils (NO INKS)

My rendering of the Teen Titans, complete and colored, from a frontal view of the epic unit. Hope you guys like it!

Enjoy :D
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You people really don't give a damn about this picture at all... I should just delete this...
Stop being a little bitch.
This is an awesome picture and you know it.
Just have a little faith in yourself.
That was the slap in the face I so desperately need! :slap:

You're right! I'll keep this up, regardless of how it's doing. Thanks crazyasshole! (I'm not insulting you, I'm just calling you by your screen name Lol)

I still wonder why everybody favorites my old Titan pics to death, but not this one... Eh, who cares? :shrug:
Don't worry, just keep up what you're doing.

P.S.- Just do more Titans stuff and more people will likely check it out....though I can't guarantee that'll happen, that's usually how it works.
I now know why this picture is moving along slowly: It's boring. I gotta stop making pictures like this and start making more exciting scenes and full body shots that aren't cropped at the knees.

But then again, will it even work???
Ninja-Zombie-Dude Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome stuff...
Lecter136 Feb 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
For a second I thought I saw promotional art for a series!

Your skill keeps on growing man. Keep up the great work.

I'm sure that one day, you will be designing epic things in the future. From promotional art, to concept art, to doing animations.

I'm gonna watch the credits just to see your name pop up and then open a can of beer in honor and respect for you!
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